Many fans would love to have another Emergency! convention.Will there ever be a second convention?
Am 13. Juli 2007 erschien in den USA das Nachschlagewerk "Emergency! Behind the Scenes". Das Buch zeichnet sich durch Fach- und Hintergrundwissen aus und bietet so einen interessanten Blick hinter die Kulissen von Notruf California/Emergency!.

Die beiden Autoren Richard Yokley und Rozane Sutherland waren so nett mir einige Fragen für ein Interview zu beantworten.


How long did you work on Emergency! Behind the Scenes?

Richard Yokley: Three and a half years from our first meeting until publication.

The book shows a massive work of research.How did you find all your informations?

Richard Yokley: I knew some people, Rozane knew some, and they inturn told us about others to contact.Blindly writing to others,including cast and crew,stunt people,technical advisors,actors and many more in hopes that they would write back and most did.Some knew of the project and contacted us.Plus a LOT of research.

Rozane Sutherland: And a lot of times,just when we thought we were about done,someone else would just show up or new informations would come up to add in.

James O. Page and Richard Friend were great human beeings.Their contribution to the show and the paramedic program is unaffordable.How was the work with both on the book?
Richard Yokley:  They both were of great assistance.Without them the book would had the impact nor the information.It is a shame that neither lived long enough to see the publication.
Rozane Sutherland: One of my favorite memories is meeting with Richard and Dick Friend in California to go over information.Sitting around eating take out food with papers and photos all over the table.It was such a shock to lose both Jim and Dick.


Will there ever be a second book or an update on the first one?

Richard Yokley: At this time that remains to be seen.There are however many updates that have been discovered since publication and a few corrections as well
Rozane Sutherland: Which is great,with the corrections,because it was getting quite old to keep reading reviews with ``Bobby Troup is spelled wrong in the book!´´ Haha

How was it to met all the stars of the show,and specially Randy Mantooth,at the Emergency! Convention 1998?

Rozane Sutherland: It was amazing,almost magical,to see them all together again like that.To watch their faces as they saw each other again.I´ll never forget Bobby Troup´s wonderful sense of humor.Tim carrying around his Emergency! lunchbox and getting everyone to sign it.The look on the faces of fans as they walk through the hotel lobby and would see the cast/crew just walking along.Mike Stoker,who indeed is very quiet,standing and chatting with fans.


Many fans would love to have another Emergency! convention.Will there ever be a second convention?

Rozane Sutherland: I can honestly say no,there will never be another convention.Too many people have passed on now and from what I have heard from a few i keep in touch with it would be to hard to attend another and not see all their fellow cast/crew there now

Why do you love Emergency! and what is your first memory of the show?

Richard Yokley: My first memory was when it aired for the first time.I had only joined the fire service that year,1972, and EMS was a really new concept for the fire service at that time.
Rozane Sutherland: My first memory was when it aired for the first time,also.I was in school and there was a boy named John Gage in my class.Every Monday the kids in the class would be discussing the show and joking with him.

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Emergency!: Behind the Scene


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