Im Laufe der Jahre,in denen ich Fan von Notruf California/Emergency! bin,habe ich mit einigen Personen gesprochen die vor oder hinter der Kamera gearbeitet haben.Viele waren so nett per E-Mail mir einige Fragen über Randy und die Serie zu beantworten.Ich möchte mich an dieser Stelle nochmal sehr bei ihnen bedanken. Ich veröffentliche auf dieser Seite nun Auszüge aus diesen Interviews.


Zacki Murphy ( Nurse Ellen Ankers in What´s a nice girl like you doing?/The Convention )

Dear Andreas,

I had forgotten my stage name...Why are you such a big fan of the show with so many others to choose from? The guys were very professional and of course, I was rejected by marriage phobia Randy who played that scene with belief if you remember it...The most unusual thing I remembered about shooting these last TV movies in San Francisco is that a friend lent me her shift stick car and I had not driven one since high school. I panicked on every steep hill and created a lot of impatience with the locals behind me...That was the hardest part about those couple of weeks there...

 Zacki Murphy, Nurse Ellen Akers

Denny Miller ( Gaststar in Communication Gaffe/Verblüffend anders )

Thank you for your note.
I only worked with Bob Fuller on Emergency. We has worked to gether on "Wagon Train," a long time and it was fun to work together again.

Take a look at my Web-site and you will see some of the work I've done over 45 years. www. denny -
Stay Healthy,
Denny Miller


Kristine Greco ( Nurse in Equipment/Schlechtes Timing )

Thank you very much for writing me about a show that I loved doing...
My sister Carol dated Kevin and I dated Randy for awhile...and they were both super guys....and kind and thoughtful and considerate gentlemen...
I had a career and did not want to marry so young...and stopped with Randy...and my sister and Kevin parted shortly after as he started to tour the country....
The show was a great deal of fun....and I had the measles when I did that part...on the episode "Equipment"....did not know till that morning..when spots started to show up on my neck and makeup was hiding them for me...and after I did my scene I went to the doctors immediately....

Thanks for your mail...I have a website check it out as I am behing the camera now... of luck to you


James W. Gavin ( Regisseur der Episode Foreign Trade/Die Verbesserung/2nd Unit Director/Pilot )

Jim Gavin starb am 13. August 2005.Er war ein sehr netter Mensch,mit dem ich sehr viel Kontakt hatte.Dieses letzte Interview bedeutet mir sehr viel und ich werde diesen tollen Mann nie vergessen. R.I.P. James W. Gavin 13. März 1935-13. August 2005

Good Morning Andreas 

I apologize for not responding sooner but have been on an extended 
filming location in Namibia. 

All of us that were a part of the Emergency team, Producers, Directors, 
Actors, Stuntpersons and Production staff are deeply indebted to Jack Webb 
and his Mark VII Productions. Jack Webb made it all happen and kept it 
going at times when the tv networks wanted format or actor changes. 
Bob Cinader was the day to day Producer and the man that hired myself 
and all the other Directors. 
In answer to your question about the cast, Randy, Kevin and Tim, they 
were all great to work with always on time ready to work and liked by 
all. Tim's brother is a tv producer but also one of the most famous 
sky diving stuntmen and directors in the cinema-tv business, his name is 
Kevin Donnelly. 

As a young man in the US Army during the Korean war my favorite female singer was Julie London,can you imagine how thrilled I was when I met and 
worked with her? My fantasy came true! 

Special memories, yes many, at the beginning of each new tv year Emergency 
would receive new fire vehicles and it was my job one year to photograph 
these new vehicles at the Fire Station and in various scenarios in and around the 
the Los Angeles area, the film would then be used as generic footage for the 
editors during that tv year. 

While out filming the new vehicles with a camera helicopter I noticed a fire 
that had erupted in the hills nearby. The fire was growing quite rapidly and I elected to send the Squad and Tanker 51 vehicles to the scene of the fire. 

Upon arrival at the fire we discovered that it was quite large and several 
homes were in danger, since we had several retired firemen driving and 
working on the vehicles they asked if we could photograph the fire, permission 
was granted and we drove the vehicles throughout the fire area stopping 
from time to time and pretending to set up the equipment and then on to 
another location were we repeated the same scenario. Finally the real fire 
department asked the vehicles to leave the fire scene. 

Since we had the helicopter camera my aerial crew and I were able to stay 
over the fire and photograph until we ran out of film. The subsequent footage 
was used to produce the only one hour Emergency that was ever done. 

As you know, Emergency was filmed at the Universal Studios, the Universal 
Studios have a real Los Angeles County Fire Station on the studio lot. As a 
result of having real firemen and equipment and tv firemen and equipment on 
the studio lot it was necessary for the real firemen to wear large identification 
badges that said, " FOR REAL " on their uniforms and signs on their vehicles 
that also said, " FOR REAL ". 

It was particularly gratifying to meet firemen around the US that when I told 
them I worked on Emergency they had nothing but compliments for the show. 
It made me feel proud that we had done a good job. 

Thanks for your continuing interest in Emergency. 

Jim Gavin 


Ron Masak ( Firefighter Bob in Camera Bug/Der Starfotograf )

I certainly enjoyed working with both of them ...found them to be very professional... I have seen Randy a few times since at different events......Nice man.....I do remember the studio have a time line to pull the plug on shooting so never got my close up....haha...I have visited your beautiful country...where do you live?....Ron


Jesse Vint ( Paramedic Nick Halverson in The Most Deadly Passage )

Leider besitze ich nicht mehr die Originalmail von Mr. Vint,daher kann ich nur eine deutsche Übersetzung aus meinem Gedächtnis schreiben.

Jesse Vint schrieb das er die Arbeit mit Randy und Kevin sehr mochte.Abends sind sie später in die Stadt ( Seattle ) gefahren und haben die Bars unsicher gemacht.An was er sich nicht so gern erinnerte,waren die blonden Haare,die er sich für die Rolle färben musste.



Molli Benson ( Nurse Gail in Boot/Helpful/Musical Mania/Drivers und viele mehr )

Hello Andy!

I think it is so interesting, what with all the modern "ER" type shows, that you still enjoy watching "Emergency." I am happy that it was an inspiration for you to work in the medical business.

I appreciate your compliments,especially after all these years
I am more than happy to answer your questions.

I have many memories of that show, since it was the first show that I had when I came to LA. First, it was a lot of fun.

I had worked some comedies and they took everything serious. Here is a "serious" show and there was always laughter and practical jokes.
I do remember when I was supposed to give this guy a shot and I had to make sure, I hit the little tube next to his arm. I was so afraid I would miss it

and fill him with water, that was in the needle, that I missed completely, squirting everyone around.
One time I was supposed to wheel out a patient, and never having worked a wheel chair before, I started pushing it and the break was on.

I had already screwed up before, so I was determined to get him through that door. All the actors were laughing as I struggled to push a locked wheelchair.

Bob Fuller was great and turned into a good friend of mine. He helped me a lot, with things I had no idea about how to do.
There was a movie magazine that came in (Tiger Beat) Early 70's, and took a lot of pictures of Randy and I, since he was supposed to be the "hot one".

(Wish you could find it)

Kevin also became a good friend, during the shooting. He was more serious, but a nice guy and has continued to work in the industry for years.

Julie and Bobby, used to be a famous singing couple. Originally, they wanted just one of them, but the deal was both or nothing. One of their daughters
worked on the show in the production end.

A guest star, Jack Carter, came in for an episode and was a blast. He had us improv some things that were not in the script. I don't know if the director liked that, but we had fun.

The crew was always nice and more than helpful with all my questions. A lot of the technical things, were a little more difficult. Fortunately, I didn't have to deal with too much. Bobby had to read most of the medical terms off the teleprompter.

The show had a number of different directors and I made many mistakes and they were not at all nice about that. I never repeated those mistakes again.

I have been doing some acting, but mostly I coach Film acting all over the country. I have owned a talent agency and a management company. I write screenplays, develop projects and direct short films.
Thank-you for your interest.

Actually if you go on my website it will tell you everything. 37 years now in the Film Industry and I love it more than ever.


Thank-you for your interest.Molli Benson

 Randall Carver ( Harvey Gibbs in Die Reportage/Ehemann in Vorsicht Falle!/Gaststar in Survival on Charter *220 )

Dear Andy,

Thank you for your kind note.  I'm glad "Emergency" inspired you to enter medicine.  This world needs all the help it can to elevate human misery. To heal people as a wonderful calling.  I have a cousin, Bob, that was inspired to become an Emergency Medical Technician because of "Emergency."
I worked mostly with Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe.  I don't remember any special events with them.  However, they worked extra hard and they also did their own stunts.  That was extremely dangerous, sometimes and they received numerous injuries.  On the set, their look and demeanor was that of two men that cared immensely about the reality of the show and were working their asses off in all physical aspects of the series.  They felt a strong obligation to those in the Emergency Medical vocations and worked diligently to honor them.  Randy and Kevin were not pretty boys, but hardworking and dedicated.  I was surprised by them - they never lost the "common touch" and I've always respected their dedication.  
The crew and technical ad visors had the same feeling about the show as Kevin and Randolph.  I was honored to work with them.
Other shows and films I've appeared in can be found on my website under the resume header. 
Have a Happy Holiday Season and a great New Year.
Thanks for asking!
God Bless,
Randall Carver

Larry Manetti ( Paramedic in Keine Chance/Paramedic Dwyer in Rules of Order/Gaststar in Most Deadly Passage )

That show ( Emergency! ) was a long time ago.I do know that i enjoyd doing it but past that I can´t answer much.

Your pal,




Jack Paar ( Verletzter Junge in Hilfe in der Wildnis/Snakebite )

I was the kid in the back of the car in the desert when John and Roy were coming back from the fishing trip and they came accross the accident. I was six years old at the time, my name is Jack Paar.

Great show, I enjoyed working on this show, we worked on this series as kids several times. I remember this episode to this day and I am 40 years old now, I was the kid in the back of the car in the desert when John and Roy were coming back from the fishing trip and they came accross the accident. I was six years old at the time, my name is Jack Paar and I can't believe that they did not include me in the cast. It was a wonderful cast and a long running show what a blast. I now run a music management company called BusyBoy Productions Inc. and our web site is m


Richard Brestoff ( Yeoman Hunkle in Operation Petticoat )

Dear Andy,

Thank you for writing to me. Your kind words are very valuable to me!

Randy was great to work with. He is very professional but also fun. He is also very
smart and off-camera is very interesting to talk to with a great sense of humor. He
is a great listener.

I remember the great friendships that developed during the course of the show most
of all. We had such fun off-camera. I remember with a great deal of laughter one
episode with a goat. During the shooting the goat kept pooping on the deck of the
submarine and it was extremely funny!

The show was cancelled because the ratings were simply not high enough. Part of the
problem was that it was on on Saturday nights in the States and that is usually a
bad night for TV here.

Again, I thank you for your interest in the show and for your kind words about me.

-RB (Hunkle)


David Fox-Brenton ( Mr. Latting in Terror at London Bridge/Der Schrecken der London Bridge )

Hi Andy! Wie geht's? I was honored to get your 'fan mail' from Germany for Terror at London Bridge - one doesn't receive much for that anymore! I'm so glad you liked the work. It was fun doing it and very HOT (103f at midnight - don't know what it was celsius...) Randy Mantooth (who you must know is a Native American Indian) is one of the nicest people it has been my pleasure to work with in Hollywood. He got his start in ER but he is a man of genuine character and grace. We shot that fight scene by the Bridge at about 1am (0100hrs) and I had to run up and down the hill in the heat about 6 times and then fight David Hasselhoff and Randy each time! It was fun to do tho.  They were both such fun to be with.

David Fox-Brenton


Stepfanie Kramer ( Angie Shepard in Terror at London Bridge/Der Schrecken der London Bridge )

We filmed at night due to the extreme heat of the day ( 120 degrees ).Both David Hasselhoff and Randy Mantooth are very nice to work with.

Best Regards



Natalie Timm ( Make Up Artist in Price To Pay )

Hello Andy!

The Movie isn not finished yet.He was a great (Randy).Wonderful to work with.


Christian Sebaldt ( Kameramann des Films Time Share )

 "Ich habe mit Randolph Mantooth im Jahre 2000 an dem Film 'Time Share' gearbeitet, mit der Deutschen Regisseurin Sharon von Wietersheim. Nastassja Kinski und Timothy Dalton spielten in den Hauptrollen mit und wir haben hier in Los Angeles, Kalifornien gedreht. Randolph ist ein Super Typ, und das Drehen hat viel Spass gemacht mit ihm vor der Kamera (ich war ja der Kameramann...). Er ist ist witzig und ein grossartiger Schauspieler. Hoffentlich arbeiten wir mal wieder zusammen... Beste Gruesse aus Los Angeles, Christian Sebaldt, ASC."

Andreas,Alles Gute
Christian Sebaldt
Jason Mann ( Regisseur des Films On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres )
I don´t expect the film will get a wide release because it´s a 16 minute short for festivals,It may be available online someday,once it´s through with it´s festival run.Randy is really wonderful guy.And very talented.I knew that i wouldn´t have to say much to him on set-as far as direction-because he´s already great on his own and he´s really know what he´s doing.The whole time we where in pre-production and when were shooting he was so generous,doing whatever he could to help the project.He was really a pleasure to work with.
Jason Mann
Tanc Sade ( Regisseur des Films Flowers and Weeds )
Hi andreas,

I'm the writer/director of flowers and weeds, first off, thanks so much for your kind words for the film, indeed randy was a delight to work with. to answer your questions;

randy was very generous in his time and extremely open to new ideas, considering i was a first time director and a young one at that he was very willing to my direction, which for someone of his extensive experience was a real gift.

flowers will be released some time around the summer of 08/09

unforuntately we will only be releasing the film online (via itunes or something silmilar). you will however be able to download it and burn to dvd.

thanks again

tanc sade.
Peggy Dunne ( Darstellerin in On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres )

How wonderful to receive your email about "Revolutions."  Thank you for your kind words on my performance. 
Randy was great to work with.  Very easy going and a great sense of humor.  The film overall was a joy to be a part of.  I only shot two days with Randy, but it was a lot of fun.  It felt as if I had worked with him before.  He put on no airs or pretenses.  Very down to earth. 
Let's see, there were a lot of great memories, but if I had to pick out some specifics...working at the house we used for the set across from all those flowered apricot trees and the sea of yellow flowers (that you see in the first shot of the film) was beyond imagining.  It felt like we were in the land of Oz.  Simply breathtaking and magical.  One funny note about Randy.  The executive producer of the film picked Randy up at the airport and is an extrememly fast driver - he has all kinds of speed radars and beeping contraptions inside the car to warn him where the cops are.  Randy told me, "I held on to the 'oh sh*t' bar (the handle that is over the window by your head), and asked, "Um....Are we in a hurry?"  It was very funny.
Once again, thank you for contacting me.  I certainly would love to work with Randy again.  Perhaps our paths will cross.  Can't wait to look at your website.  Does he know about it?  I'm not sure how that works.
All the best
Casey Kramer ( Darstellerin in On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres )
Thank you Mr. Treinen for your very kind words.SPHERES was a labor of love for us all.
I can appreciate your enthusiasm about Randolph Mantooth.I did not have any scenes with Randy in the movie.My contact with him was between takes while jhe waited for set ups.He´s an extremly
friendly,easy going man,extremly professional and has a warm sense of humor.He is also a little shy and seemed to enjoy reading and looking at the beautiful scenery of the location in northern california.
Continued good fortune with all your pursuits.
Casey Kramer
Rick Scarry ( Darsteller in Price to Pay )
Hi Andreas,
   Thanks for your interest in Price To Pay. I don't know the release date
for the film and I didn't have any scenes with Randolph Mantooth in the
film. In fact, I never met him during the filming of the movie.
It was a fun film to work on, and I hope it has some success when it
finally comes out.

RIck Scarry
Brit Lind ( Nurse Daisy in Notruf California: Die schöne Neue )
Dear Andy,
Thank you for writing. I was so young when I did that show I hardly remember anything about it except that Randy and Kevin were two wonderful guys and we had a lot of fun doing Emergency. I recently saw Kevin and he is working a lot playing bad guys.  I'm happy you went into a fulfilling career as a result of that show. I think it inspired many people that way.
My Best
Britt Lind
Elayne Heilveil ( Karen Overstreet in Die Auszubildende )
Hi Andy,

I wouldn't mind the interview I just don't think I'd have much to say about Randolph. Although I had some scenes with him I didn't have much of an exchange otherwise. So sorry. Good luck with your fansite though!
How wonderful the show inspired you to enter a noble profession. And thanks for the performance complement!

elayne heilveil
Erik Estrada ( Mann mit Augenverletzung in Die Täuschung )
Hi Andy!
I can´t remember my part in Emergency!. I played for six years Officer Frank Poncherello in CHiPs.But i know Randy,and he is a great guy.
God bless.
Erik Estrada
Mark Saha ( Drehbuchautor der Folge Das Schnäppchen )


Emergency was a fun show to write because you had to do shifts with paramedics and a fire station until you accumulated enough adventures for an episode. If they were slow in coming or routine, it would at least give you a handle on things, and you could use one reported in a newspaper. All the rescues to best of my knowledge were based on actual events.

Each episode was structured around a "spine story" which was often quite slight, something personal that is on-going through the episode and paid off at the end. This "spine story" is interrupted by the rescues, which were like beads on a string.

What I liked about the show was its clean everyday life look and appeal. There was no heavy drama or deep psychology. Just decent, conscientious guys coming to work each day, where they often show extraordinary courage and cool heads in carrying out their duty to protect the public and public property.



Darrett Sanders ( Produzent/Kameramann/Cutter/Darsteller in Scream of the Bikini )
Hi Andy!
My name is Darrett and I am a co-producer on the film as well as being the editor, director of photography and performed in the role of Humbert.
Randolph plays the British Ambassador in our film.
Scream of the Bikini is a send-up of 1960s international spy movies, where fictional film director Fernando Fernandez directs an 
 imaginary all star cast ( including Paola Apanapal and Jasmine Orozco in their English language debuts ) in an epic tale of intrigue
and ultra-violence. Filmed entirely on location somewhere in South America, and poorly dubbed into English by Germans, 
Fernandez populates his masterpiece with hit songs, hip couture and questionable dialogue. 
This paragraph is how we are describing the film for now. We are in post-production and plan to be ready to submit to various film festivals by February of 2009.
We have not made any decisions on distribution but we do plan to have the film out on DVD at some point.
We actually shot the film here in Los Angeles, Palm Springs and various communities that surround the area. We had a great time working with Randolph in the film.
He was a great sport. The film was great fun to make and we are very excited to share the film with you and many others.
Darrett Sanders
Tonya Kay ( Darstellerin in Bold Native )
What a high compliment to give Randy!  
The film's image story can be watched here  We are currently in production.  Randy is clearly a professional and a very nice man.  He and I play very close to one another.  We are in almost every scene together - I, as the character I ROCK, representing Chaos and unpredictability, and Randy, as the character RICHARD, representing the father that wishes to reunite with his son and must do so by learning to surrender.
Please contact to ask about release dates.  And stay on my mailing list as well - I will definitely let everyone know when the film is final and available for screening!
Tonya Kay
Joseph Motiki ( Darsteller in Fire Serpent/Die Feuerschlange )
Hey Andy,
This is Joseph Motiki, returning your message from here in Toronto.  Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but I've been out of the city working on a couple of projects and just got back a few days ago.  So, I'm catching up on e-mails, phone messages, etc.

First of all, that's amazing that you actually became a paramedic.  So many people get early inspiration but never see their dreams through so kudos to you, that's amazing that you actually did it.  I remember my earliest television memories being Emergency, as well as The Mod Squad and Starsky & Hutch, so that really takes me back.  I can still see the opening credits of Emergency and Randolph Mantooth, and it took me a while as a kid to realize that Randolph Mantooth wasn't the same actor as Richard Hatch, who played Apollo on Battlestar Galactica.  When I was in kindergarten I though they were the same guy.
Unfortunately Andy, I never got to cross paths with Randolph.  On set, actors have specific shooting schedules and when they're not shooting, they're back at their hotel reading lines or even working on other projects.  My brother, who is a Robert Beltran fan 'cause he loves Chakotay from Star Trek: Voyager, was pissed that I didn't get to rub shoulders with him on set either.  As you saw in the film, my scenes at the end were predominantly with Sandrine Holt and Nicholas Brendon, as we pretended to fight the alien creature which of course would be added in months after shooting was over.  The folks in makeup said that Randolph was a very nice guy but alas, I never got to meet him. 
Anyways Andy, thanks very much for the good word and for checking out the website.  Continued success, and have a fantastic holiday season. 
Don E. Faunt Le Roy ( Regisseur des Kevin Tighe Films Today You Die )

Kevin was great to work with. Very professional, arrives on the set with a lot of ideas to help enhance the story, the character, and most importantly the film.
I used to watch Emergency when I was
Hi Andy,
a kid. I loved it, there were a lot of great weekly series on at that time, Emergency being one of them.
I am hoping to work with him in the near future.
Your welcome
Don E. Faunt LeRoy
Brian Katkin ( Regisseur des Films Enemy Action )
Thank you, Andy, for your kind words about my films. As you can imagine, they were all very difficult to make under extremely tight budgets but each were wonderful and joyous experiences.

The same can be said for working with Randy. He is a terrific person and a committed actor. I have the fondest memories of his warmth and commitment to making both his character and the entire film as deep and rich as possible. We made Enemy Action in only ten days and the production was crazy to say the least, but Randy was nothing but a pro and an incredible ally.

There was one long monologue that he had to deliver about his rage against Washington ("Operation Red Sox, Red Cap" - an actual CIA Operation in the 1950's). I shot it as a master shot but had no time to do coverage (medium shots or close ups) and had only one take in the can before I had to move on. Randy nailed it. He's that good. But I knew that to capture the emotion of the moment I needed a close up of his face. Days later, the set had already been torn down and converted into something else but the very last day of the shoot I grabbed Randy and his co-star and did my best to recreate the look of the scene and we had about ten minutes to shoot the entire huge monologue again. And guess what. Randy nailed it again! Word for word. The emotion was pitch perfect. Just great.

I hope to work with him again because, like you, I'm a big fan.

Again, thank you. I appreciate your interest and support of my work. Its nice to know there are movie lovers out there in the world who take the time to acknowledge the hard work that we do.

Brian Katkin


Interview mit den Machern von Agent RedAgent Red - ein tödlicher Auftrag

Steve Ralph ( Production Designer ),Jim Wynorski ( Regisseur ) und Steve Latshaw ( Drehbuchautor ) sprechen über den Film,die Probleme während der Dreharbeiten und Randy Mantooth.


How was the work with Randy Mantooth on Agent Red?



( Steve Ralph ) As the production designer I work on the sets and the scenery with the art department ahead of the shooting crew.I don´t have the opportunityto meet or socialize with the actors in the film.

( Steve Latshaw ) At the risk of speaking for Jim ( Wynorski ) I don´t think either of us worked with him on this show.Damian ( Lee ) had shot Mantooth´s scenes but not the other side of the conversations.I could be wrong.It´s been a while.

( Jim Wynorski ) I don´t worked with Randy on this picture.All scenes where shot by Damian Lee.


Have you any special memories about Agent Red and the making of it?


( Steve Ralph ) I was very happy with the submarine control room that we were able to build with our limited budget.We were able to use some rental pieces that were created for The Hunt for Red October to get the big look.


Can you tell me more about the set of the aircraft carrier.Where was it built?


( Steve Ralph ) The aircraft carrier footage was filmed in San Diego on an actual United States Navy carrier.


What are the differences between the movie versions of Damian Lee and Jim Wynorski ?Are there any deleted scenes existing?


( Steve Ralph ) I`m unaware of different versions of the film.Damian Lee directed principal photography and Jim Wynorski directed some scenes that were added later to clarify the narrative

( Steve Latshaw ) About 40 minutes.There is 40 minutes of footage from the Damian Lee not in the final version.And there is 40 minutes of new material in the final version not in the Damian Lee version.Which is why the ( DVD audio ) commentary in the first third of the movie is a little odd.As for deleted scenes,I suspect they ended up in a dumpster behind Dublin´s pub on Sunset Boulevard.


What were the problems during the making of Agent Red?


( Steve Latshaw ) Back in the day we used to pass a VHS with the first assembly of Agent Red as it was an example of probably the most unwatchable film ever to be pumped out of that company.We went through three editors and two directors trying to ``fix´´ the film without any reshoots.until finally the powers that be were convinced that reshoots had to be done.As i recall,40 minutes of the original 100 minutes assembly was dumped then replaced with 40 new minutes.The original assembly opened with shaky video of Russian bio teams ( shaky video....from sequences supposedly filmed in 1971! ) and ponderous narration...The film was missing entire halves of dialog sequences between Randolph Mantooth and the president ( no footage of the President ),The US sub commander and Russian military officers ( no Russian military ),connective scenes,transition scenes,action scenes only partially covered,etc. We created the new action opening with all the stock from Storm Catcher and Solo,new briefing scenes with Dolph ( Lundgren ) and Stephen Macht,a terrorist attack on a oil tanker,new scenes with President Bill Monroe and new scenes with Steve Franken and Pete Spellos as Russian military leaders...

We also added a lot of connective sequences and action pieces to the rest of the film.It was quite a chore.The film itself had an interesting origin.In 1999,at a party at Fred´s,Andrew Stevens asked me if I´d like to rewrite Counter Measures for Dolph Lundgren.I said sure,just name the price.Apparently a short time later,Damian Lee made a deal to write and direct so they went with him...In fact,one entire sequence from Counter Measures directed by Fred ( Olen Ray )-was actually dropped whole cloth into Agent Red.In the film,the American sub taken over by terrorists is pursued by another American sub.A tense battle ensues,with the good guys eventually blown out of the water when the terrorists fire ``counter measures´´.They lifted the entire sequence-actors and all-only shooting new footage of the Agent Red terrorists.So the best scene in the movie was directed by Fred Ray.

I don´t recall anyone being particulary happy with the way the film turned was not a happy time.They´d put two millions into a Dolph Lundgren film that was unreleasable.A lot of cash was on the line.

( Jim Wynorski ) When i first watched the cut,I was amazed at how much director Damian Lee had missed in the original fourteen day shoot.I was given just two days to replace about 35 minutes footage and make the whole thing seem cohesive,so it was rather intensive.Hearing the ( DVD audio ) commentary finally,it just made me smile.

( Steve Latshaw )Two things that made me smile were creating an entire Dolph Lundgren action sequence with Jim out of mostly pre-existing footage from Storm Cathcer and a theatrical action flick called Solo.

And this tidy bit of dialog in a new military briefing scene featuring Dolph and Steven Macht:

MACHT. Have you heard of Agent Red

DOLPH. Sounds like a bad action movie.

Jim gleefully shot those lines as written and,to my delight,left them in the movie.

Thanks for the answering of my questions!




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